Texas A&M AgriLife Insect Identification Tools

Members of the general public:

This is an internal, password protected website. However, we do offer insect identification services. Go first to the website that shows commonly submitted insects. If you don't find your insect there AND YOU LIVE IN TEXAS you can then use the provided link to submit a photo of an insect to the Texas A&M Department of Entomology.

Need help with an insect problem? You can find a wealth of insect information on our Extension Entomology Homepage

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Personnel:


This website is the second step for insect identification. The first is to look at the thumbnail images posted at "Texas Insects Identified", a quick look at the most requested identifications. The website you are now viewing contains 90% of the insect species submitted online to Extension Entomology since 2010, and the identity of each insect is presented in the filename visible at the bottom of the image. Insects and spiders are subdivided into folders such as "beetles", "adult moths", "grasshoppers", etc.

Watch a very short video on how to use the insect identification tool.

To see the identification of any insect simply click on a thumbnail image and roll your cursor over the larger photo that appears. A text box will appear at the bottom of the screen. The identification is written in the filename of the image file.

Contact Patrick Porter or Charles Allen (in the extension directory) to obtain the password.